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CatDog are the main characters of the show with the same name. They are conjoined twins who share one body. Many characters, especially the Greaser Dogs consider them freaks. Cat is voiced by Jim Cummings while Dog is voiced by Tom Kenny


Since the two are conjoined twins, they share one very long body with only four legs. Their paws can act like hands. Their skin is colored orange with brown-orange spots. Dog has a long snout, 3 strains of hair, and a large purple nose. Cat has a round red nose and is shown with human teeth.

Personality and traits

The two brothers have very different personalities and seem to follow stereotypical traits as well. Dog is more energetic, outgoing, and lucky of the two. He loves playing fetch, digging, and chasing dump trucks, all of which is close to a dog's personality.  However, he is clumsy and very naive, making him dumber. He will believe in anything someone says and falls under Cat's tasks. He is more well-liked by other characters than Cat; even one of Greaser Dog members, Shriek, has a crush on Dog.

Cat on the other hand, is more much intelligent, hot-headed and assertive. Cat is usually the one coming up with plans and manipulating Dog to do things for him. He also desires fame and fortune and will go excessive lengths to get it. Cat is shown to be the underdog and never treated with respect. His dark side is seen many times throughout. Despite his negatives, he deeply cares about his brother. Cat enjoys reading, gardening, hygienic and being to himself.

The brothers demonstrated animal traits: cat loves eating small prey while dog eats biscuits, when they use the bathroom, cat uses a litter box while dog uses a fire hydrant.

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