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How can I help out this wiki?
You can help out this wiki in many ways, including: Making new pages, updating content frequently and providing help to new users, but remember to be friendly when doing that.
How do I make new pages?
Use Special:CreatePage and make sure you are able to provide enough information on the article before you make it. Low effort pages will be deleted within an allotted time.
What qualifies as a "low-effort" page?
A low effort page is a page without any words, or just simply a infobox without any information listed on it. For some examples of good quality articles, check out UPN, Nickelodeon and CBS to get a rough concept of how pages should be laid out.
Who should I contact if there’s a issue with vandalism on this wiki?
You can contact Monstermon or Paramount1106 if it’s localized vandalism. You can also use Special:Contact or Report it to a SOAP member for more urgent vandalism or spam.
How do I become a administrator or moderator?

Administrators are chosen randomly based on their editing experience, ability to follow the rules and not have any blocks. The number of edits they have should be above 100 and they should’ve been around for about 1-2 months beforehand.