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Spencer Reid is one of the main characters and one of the longest to date in Criminal Minds. Reid is the genius on the team. With an eidetic memory, his IQ is 187 and he can read 20,000 words per minute. He is the youngest member of the BAU. He is portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler.


Reid is a young Caucasian man who tends to dress uniformly. He is always seen wearing a collared shirt along with a tie. One thing that many fans have noticed is that his hairstyle changes every season. Most of the time, his hair is shoulder-length and messy. As of season 12, he is seen wearing stubble.

Personality and Traits[]

As stated, Reid is the stereotypical scrawny genius of the team. He is better at recognizing patterns, puzzles, analyzing clues and background history than anyone else on the team. He is socially awkward, he has a difficult time holding a conversation with people and dealing with his emotions. Gubler revealed that his character shows slight signs of autism, schizophrenia, and Asperger's syndrome. He has also shown signs of being a germaphobe and OCD.

For someone so young for his age, Reid is not fond of technology.

Reid has been compared to another character like him: Penelope Garcia. Both are the smartest people on the team, but Garcia is more talkative, outgoing, and sociable than he is. In a sense, Reid and Garcia are foil characters. Garcia highlights all the aspects that Reid doesn't have.

A lot of his social problems are due to him being bullied in school and having a rough childhood, His mother is diagnosed with schizophrenia and as a result, his dad left them.

Another theme with Reid is keeping a love interest, as most of them are uninterested in him or wind up dead, something that Garcia has no problem doing. In season 14, JJ confesses her love to Reid.