ViacomCBS Wiki

The ViacomCBS Wiki is always welcome to have new articles added to it. But there are some guidelines to take note of before making them. This page will identify how to handle page creation and adding content to it

Photos and videos

  • Photos and videos should be either in a infobox or added as a thumbnail, to add it as a thumbnail, you can simply type the code below:
[[File:ViacomCBS Wiki.svg|thumb]]
If the photo is being used in a template, then the photo should be centered using this example: [[File:ViacomCBS Wiki.svg|center|200px]].
  • If there are more than 10 photos of a particular topic, there should be a gallery page made for that article, Example: Paramount Pictures/Gallery


  • Don’t add links for everything on a page, especially for things that could result in broken links
  • If a page was deleted here and has a section on another page, it’s best to have the deleted page link changed to a section page link using [[pagename#section|text here]] since having the page link to the deletion entry when a section on another page exists can be confusing for users.

Additional information

  • If you’re concerned that something isn’t listed here, you can contact any of the administrators and they’ll be available to add additional page and editing guidelines.
  • While the wiki does try keep information accurate, a few mistakes and errors found on a page can happen. If incorrect information is found, it’s best to replace it with correct information if it’s found. The wiki can’t guarantee that correct information about a particular topic for a new page can be found if it’s either an upcoming project (show, film, etc) or something that is extremely obscure and doesn’t have much information about it.

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